E-commerce Cushions Builder

Our work on this project complied with our main objective - we deeply improved the customer experience when using this website. Apart from ensuring the necessary maintenance of the website and implementing its design in React, we pride ourselves for the development of an in-website application. Using it allows the customers to design their own cushions, by selecting their favorite model, dimensions and fabric. This is therefore a project in which we were the icing on the cake: we enhanced a better design and we allowed the customers to order their bespoke cushions!

Our impact

Our job was to implement the design of the entire website and add new features like Cushion designer which allows the customer to make its own personalized cushion, Kits, Fabrics and filters. Apart from creating functionality and responsive pages that work on all kinds of screens we also improved the user experience by enhancing performance using the latest technologies.

Tech stack

  • React
  • SCSS
  • Wordpress

Project Info

  • Platform:Web
  • Category:E-commerce

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