QWD is a real-life racing experience. What's special about it is you can race against anyone in the world and the application can determine the winner, even if you're on different continents. QWD is a lifestyle, try it out at the risk of never being able to stop enjoying the experience it has to offer.

Our impact

We have built this innovative mobile application, one that wanted to allow people from all around the world to drag-race, no matter where they where on the planet. Besides the amazing time we have testing this application, development was also a challenge to achieve the two most important aspects of location tracking application: precision and performance. The application is built with React Native, whilst the backend is powered by Expressjs. To allow full scalability, we've developed with performance in mind, therefore it is fully deployable on Kubernetes backend systems.

Tech stack

  • React Native
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker

Project Info

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