Web Educational Platform

The Web Educational Platform is a website that enables children, teens and adults alike to learn any of the subjects available on the platform such as: mathematics, sign language, citizenship tests and more.

Web Educational Platform

About Web Educational Platform

Timeframe: Feb 2021 - Ongoing

Platform: Website, DevOps & REST API

Provided services: Web & Mobile, Backend, DevOps, Web Development, API Development, Maintenance

Industry: Educational Technology

What is the Web Educational Platform?

The Web Educational Platform is a website that enables children, teens and adults alike to learn any of the subjects available on the platform (trust us, there's a lot of topics).

The features of the platform span from allowing its' students to learn through repetition, using a smart algorithm, to allowing content creators to add new content, view analytics of the popularity of their content and request payouts, given a percentage of each one of their student's monthly/yearly subscription fee.

About the project & Our impact

We have started working on the project back in February 2021, the project having just finished development for all essential functionality. Unfortunately, the project has been ongoing ever since 2018, and the technology used was very outdated. For instance, the backend was still using the beta version of a very popular backend application framework.

We understood the challenge we were up against: we need to launch this application. For us, that meant that we needed to bring it up to security standards and ensure that all functionality works as intended, but to also make sure that the client's requests are answered to and that work on new features was still possible.

Having set the right expectations for both the development team and the client, work has started. For the first 8 months, we have closed over 75 Jira tickets for severe bugs and we were in a good position to start refactoring

Throughout the following year, and the time spent up until December 2022, we have completely rewritten the entire application: Website, Mobile Application and Backend.

Furthermore, we have completely reworked the architecture, both from a repository perspective, since we've chosen to use Nx and a monorepo approach, as well as from a backend systems perspective, where we've moved from an ad-hoc backend that used a virtual machine, to a containerized environment, highly available, highly maintainable.

Tech stack

Amazon Web Services

The Web Educational Platform is now live, the client is actively expanding the list of content creators that are bringing value to the platform by creating new lessons for all students.

Creators are very happy that they receive compensation for the content that they add and encourage existing students that they have on other platforms to move to this one.

The work environment on this project is very healthy, and we look forward to the future!

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