Our tech stack consists of the most popular and in-demand technologies on the market.

Working with us is a guarantee that the products we deliver will easily be maintainable, from a technical standpoint.

React for Web Development
Our most popular setup is a site generator that follows the principles of Jamstack and goes further to allow changing and adding new content without rebuilding the website.

Years of web development have led us to create a very powerful stack using open-source tools. We offer this stack as part of our fully-integrated solution which consists of:

  • Design

  • Web Development

  • Hosting & Maintenance for Websites we create using this stack

Why choose this solution?

  • There is no other website setup that is faster than ours

  • You can customize your website & create new content without developer intervention

  • You will receive free support as part of your hosting & maintenance plan (which is free for the first year!)

React Native and AWS Amplify for iOS & Android
We always strive to meet our client's expectations, be it from a technical perspective or a strict timeline to launch the mobile application. This is why our stack of choice for mobile app development is always React Native and AWS Amplify.

We've previously built mobile applications using a Frontend + Backend approach, where we usually had a combination of the following technologies for backend:

  • Express (the Node.js framework)

  • Strapi

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

Very often we have been challenged by short delivery deadlines and have looked to improve our software delivery performance.

Our answer to how you can deliver mobile applications quickly, without any compromise, is using AWS Amplify.

By using AWS Amplify we have significantly improved delivery performance for apps that have:

  • Authentication (Multi-factor authentication & Social authentication)

  • Push Notifications

  • Data persistence (in a Database)

  • In-App Messaging

  • Very low latency requirements

React and NestJS with Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services
As some web applications need to be able to quickly respond to traffic spikes over a short period of time, or planned expansion of resources as the number of monthly active users grows, we have the right skill set to enable this.

Our stack of choice for scalable web applications is React (or Next.js), NestJS and Kubernetes. (on Amazon Web Services's Elastic Kubernetes Service - EKS using Docker for containerized applications).

Given the scalability requirements of the project, we choose to use:

  • Microservices

  • Micro Frontends

  • Elastic Container Service (ECS), for moderate scalability necessities

  • New Relic's Application Monitoring tools

  • & more

Our DevOps approach follows the best practices as outlined by Team Topologies, our methodology for highly scalable web applications being very strict about security and software delivery performance.

Have a project in mind?

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